eibabo® - Use the summertime for low-price bulk purchases of electrical materials

Make use of the manifold price advantages offered now in the summertime at eibabo®. At the beginning of the third quarter the usual price increases of the most manufacturers by 3-15% can be expected. Switch manufacturers (total approx. 60,000 articles) usually do this as per 01 November of each year. Other manufacturers as per 01 October or even earlier (01 August). Towards the end of the year demand usually increases considerably and, thus, the prices of many suppliers increase, too. Cable and wire prices have already been increased massively (20%) by the manufacturers as of 01.07.2021. Due to the existing considerable problems with raw materials and supplier parts, further increases in prices are to be expected.

So, benefit from the available and sometimes enormous price reductions. Especially high value purchases make sense at this time. Enjoy the selection of currently more than 50,000 top selling items from 500 brand manufacturers some of which are offered at a greatly reduced price. In addition, in action, the entire switch manufacturer material and KNX® product range, in particular, ABB, BUSCH JAEGER, MERTEN, SIEMENS, HAGER, MDT, GIRA, BERKER, MEANWELL, THEBEN and JUNG.