Raclette set 8 pans 01.162910.01.001

Smartwares - 01.162910.01.001 - Raclette set 8 pans 01.162910.01.001
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01.162910.01.001 116291001001 8713016037725 EAN/GTIN

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Type of grill plate non-stick coating, Coating non-stick, Number of pans 8th, With thermostat... more
Raclette set 8 pans 01.162910.01.001 – Smartwares – 116291001001 – 8713016037725: Type of grill plate non-stick coating, Coating non-stick, Number of pans 8th, With thermostat yes, Crepes area no, Dishwasher-safe yes, Primary color other

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Additional product description

Great practical value and amazing quality. The item on offer here is sourced from Smartwares. We have listed this product under item no. EB13111570. In the eibabo® shop, the product is listed in the Raclette product group in the Electrical material catalog. You will also love the low price and great product features! Many eibabo® customers have already purchased this product. Unfortunately, this item does not have high-resolution 3D views yet. Our in-house 3D photography studio is working hard to produce images for this item. Purchase this amazing product from Smartwares now! You can find more relevant information about this item in the list below:

  • Manufacturer item number: 01.162910.01.001
  • Manufacturer order number: 116291001001
  • EAN/GTIN: 8713016037725
  • Customs tariff number: 85166070

Shipping instructions

There is an import ban on this item in several countries. Possible reasons for this are: legal regulations, exclusion of manufacturer liability or technical specifications. Unfortunately, we cannot ship this item to the following countries:

  • United States of America
  • Canada

Special features and characteristics

  • Type of grill plate: non-stick coating
  • Coating: non-stick
  • Number of pans: 8th
  • With thermostat: yes
  • Dishwasher-safe: yes

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Raclette set 8 pans Type of grill plate Non-stick coated, Coating Non-stick, Number of trays 8, With thermostat, Suitable for dishwasher use, Basic colour Other

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Type of grill plate non-stick coating
Coating non-stick
Number of pans 8th
With thermostat yes
Crepes area no
Dishwasher-safe yes
Primary color other

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