Wall storage tank 30l SHZ 30 LCD

Stiebel Eltron - SHZ 30 LCD - Wall storage tank 30l SHZ 30 LCD
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SHZ 30 LCD 231251 4017212312513 EAN/GTIN

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Energy efficiency classes spectrum A to G, Volume of the container 30 l, Rated capacity 6 kW,... more
Wall storage tank 30l SHZ 30 LCD – Stiebel Eltron – 231251 – 4017212312513: Energy efficiency classes spectrum A to G, Volume of the container 30 l, Rated capacity 6 kW, Supply voltage 230..400V, Frequency 50/60 Hz, With temperature display yes, Temperature limit yes, With faucet no, With thermometer yes, Height 770 mm, Width 410 mm, Depth 420 mm, Degree of protection (IP) IP25

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Great practical value and amazing quality. Our range of products is made by Stiebel Eltron. The item number of this product is EB14200843. The product belongs to the Hot water tank product group listed in the eibabo® Electrical material shop catalog. You get a great product at a low price! Many eibabo® customers have already purchased this product. This product does not have our exclusive, high-resolution 3D images yet. We are working hard at our in-house 3D photography studio to produce images for this item. Purchase this product from Stiebel Eltron today! You can find an overview with more relevant data and information about the item here:

  • Manufacturer item number: SHZ 30 LCD
  • Manufacturer order number: 231251
  • EAN/GTIN: 4017212312513
  • Customs tariff number: 85161080
  • Item’s country of origin: Germany
  • Item weighs over 31 kg and/or is bulky (package dimensions > 1.2 m x 0.6 m x 0.6 m)

Shipping instructions

Wall storage tank 30l is labelled as a “bulky item”. Please note that a logistics company has been commissioned for transport, and delivery times may be somewhat longer due to the route management of the company. Shipping costs can be found directly on the item page.

Special features and characteristics

  • Energy efficiency classes spectrum: A to G
  • Volume of the container: 30 l
  • Rated capacity: 6 kW
  • Supply voltage: 230..400V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • With temperature display: yes
  • Temperature limit: yes
  • With thermometer: yes
  • Height: 770 mm
  • Width: 410 mm
  • Depth: 420 mm
  • Degree of protection (IP): IP25

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Wall storage tank 30l Energy efficiency class A, Energy efficiency class spectrum A to G, Material boiler tank Steel, Surface material Steel, Tank volume 30l, Nominal power 6kW, Connection voltage 230 ... 400V, Three-phase model, Frequency 50/60 Hz, Design form Hanging, With off-peak electricity circuit, Can be used for normal water pressure, Heat-up time from 10°C - 65°C 18min, Tap capacity at 60°C, continuous 18l/min, Wall set-up, Position, vertical, With temperature indication, Temperature limit, Max. allowable operating pressure 6bar, With thermometer, Protective anode, Height 770mm, Width 410mm, Depth 420mm, Cold tap water connection External thread, Nominal inner diameter, cold tap water 1/2 inch (15), External cold tap water tube diameter 21,5mm, Hot tap water connection External thread, Nominal internal diameter hot tap water 1/2 inch (15), Outer pipe diameter, hot tap water 21,5mm, Connection, drainage connection Internal thread, Nominal internal diameter drainage connection 1/2 inch (15), Outer pipe diameter drainage connection 21,5mm, Degree of protection (IP) IP25, Water heating energy efficiency (Nwh) 38%, Capacity profile S

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Energy efficiency classes spectrum A to G
Material of the boiler Steel
Material Jacket Steel
Volume of the container 30 l
Rated capacity 6 kW
Supply voltage 230..400V
three-phase design yes
Frequency 50/60 Hz
embodiment hanging
Base / undermount boiler no
With night current switching yes
Applicable at normal water pressure yes
duo version no
Suitable for boiling water no
Warm-up time from 10 °C - 65 °C 18 min
Tapping power at 60 °C, continuous operation 18 l/min
wall installation yes
Horizontal placement no
Vertical placement yes
KIWA seal of approval no
With temperature display yes
Temperature limit yes
With circulation connection no
Max. permissible operating pressure 6 bar
With faucet no
With pressure reducing valve no
With thermometer yes
With cleaning opening no
protective anode yes
Height 770 mm
Width 410 mm
Depth 420 mm
Cold drinking water connection External thread
Outside pipe diameter cold drinking water 21.5 mm
Hot water connection External thread
Outside pipe diameter hot drinking water 21.5 mm
Connection Tapping connection Inner thread
Nominal inside diameter Zapfanschluss 1/2 inch (15)
Outside pipe diameter Drain connection 21.5 mm
Degree of protection (IP) IP25
Energy efficiency hot water 38 %
tap profile S

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