This is the page with our eibabo® news for you, read here the latest news from our eibabo® news editorial team.

This is the page with our eibabo® news for you, read here the latest news from our eibabo® news editorial team. read more »
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eibabo® News

This is the page with our eibabo® news for you, read here the latest news from our eibabo® news editorial team.

Massive price increases June

Due to a shortage of raw materials, enormous price increases of between 5 and 25% can be expected from various manufacturers at the beginning of June. Cables and wires in particular will be up to 25% more expensive.
At present, we can expect continued increases in prices and delivery bottlenecks. Well-known manufacturers are already experiencing delivery bottlenecks for PVC electrical distributions, trunking and also switch/socket ranges. All important raw materials are currently expensive and available stocks at the manufacturers will soon be exhausted. The price of copper, nickel, tin, silver, aluminium and steel, as well as oil/natural gas as the basis for PVC, an important material in the electrical industry, is currently rising astronomically.

eibabo® Delivery Easter

Due to the public holidays 02.04.2021 - 05.04.2021, please take note of the following information about deliveries: Please observe that you will not receive our order confirmation and confirmation of the delivery date before 06.04.2021 at latest 6 p.m. if your order includes at least one item that must be procured and your order is received between 02.04.2021 starting from noon (4 p.m.) and 05.04.2021....
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From ABB to Zumtobel, we have reduced the prices of more than 30,000 best-selling items from 100 selected brand manufacturers.
We have added and cataloged 100,000 new items in the shop. Especially many branded items from top manufacturers.

Delivery UK possible again

As of now, B2B and B2C shipping to the UK is possible again for eibabo® customers. Please note that a minimum order value of *** 135 GBP *** (total value of goods without shipping costs or other additional costs) must be reached before the checkout button is active.
Due to the upcoming Brexit processes on 01 January 2021, there will be a temporary stop of all deliveries from 22.12.2020 from our warehouses to the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland. From 18.12.2020, the delivery country United Kingdom will also be temporarily unavailable in the delivery country selection of our online shops.

Last chance VAT reduction

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to make high-volume purchases!
Please take into consideration that from December 7th we cannot give a delivery guarantee in 2020 for products that must be procured or special products (yellow truck at article). Availability of stock items and procurement items decreases dramatically towards the end of the year. If necessary, consider the following information when goods are urgently needed.
eibabo® - For the next weeks, in addition to celebratory prices on the entire product range, we will have extraordinary special offers from brand manufacturers, special offers on KNX products...
Use the summertime for low-price bulk purchases at eibabo®! Make use of the manifold price advantages offered now in the summertime. At the beginning of the third quarter the usual price increases of the most manufacturers by 3-15% can be expected.
Our prices are currently the lowest they have been for a long time. Not only have we significantly reduced our prices for you, the reduction of VAT in Germany as of 1 July 2020 means potential savings the likes of which have not been seen before.
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